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How Much Home Loan Can A Person Withdraw Calculation


How much credit a consumer can get is closely related to current living conditions and the policies of banks. Based on the cost of living and the average earnings of the people, Good Finance stated that they cannot pay more than 50% of their monthly income. In this case, the maximum amount of mortgage loans that a person can get depends on the monthly income.

Maximum Withdrawable Loan Amount

Maximum Withdrawable Loan Amount

The maximum amount of loan that can be withdrawn, as well as the maximum amount of salary, cannot be calculated, cannot be calculated. Because there are serious differences between people’s incomes, and therefore it would be more logical to wonder the maximum amount of credit that can be withdrawn on a personal basis.

For example, Ali should have a monthly income of 2000 USD and want to take out a mortgage loan with this income. In this case, the maximum installment amount that can be paid each month will be 1000 USD and the total amount of mortgage loan that can be applied for the mortgage loan that can be used with a maturity of 120 months will be limited to 120 thousand USD.

However, household income is taken into account for housing loans. In other words, the income of everyone living in the same house can be shared in common for the payment of housing loan installments in accordance with the legislation. In this case, assuming that Ali is married and his spouse has an income of 2000 USD, the housing loan installment payment that Ali and his wife can make joined will be 2000 USD. In this case, 240 thousand USD mortgage loan can be used with a 120-month maturity.

If Ali and his wife prefer in-house financing of construction companies, not banks, they will have the opportunity to use a housing loan of up to 360 thousand USD in total.

But this amount is the upper limit, that is, the maximum payment that can be made. Having a very high credit rating in order to use credit with these amounts, regular income, and no risk, regular payment of insurance premiums, etc. conditions are required. If one or more of these conditions fail, rates such as 40%, 30%, and not 50% of salary can be reserved for loan installment payments.

How to Increase the Maximum Loan Amount to be Used?

How to Increase the Maximum Loan Amount to be Used?

The first thing to be done by the consumers who want to increase the amount of credit they can use and use the loan with the maximum limit is to try to increase the credit rating. In order to raise the credit rating, existing debts can be closed in the simplest way and frequent loan applications can be stopped. If the installment payments are not delayed in the future, the credit rating will automatically increase.

In addition to the credit rating, increasing income will increase the maximum loan amount. In order to obtain additional income, the second job can be entered, if the spouse is not working, he can start a job or ask for a raise. This will increase the maximum credit limit that can be used as soon as possible.

Why can I allocate half of the monthly income to installments?

Why can I allocate half of the monthly income to installments?

How much of the income can be allocated to loan installments varies from country to country. This ratio is defined as 50% in Turkey. This rate is closely related to the credit ratings of the leading credit rating agencies of the world. The lower the credit rating of a country, the lower the rate of income that can be allocated to installment payments.

This is because the income in the relevant country is transferred to payments in a short time and no savings can be made. Speaking for our country, saving is one of our biggest economic problems.

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